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Remote management tool Thanks to codes that we transmit to you via telephone, we take control of your terminal in real time in order to help you with your support requests.


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This tool makes your SyselShare site available in the form of an optimized network drive with the WebDAV protocol. You can access it with Windows Explorer, without going through the WEB site.

 SyselShare Drive V6

 SyselShare Drive V7


NetSync can be installed on PC and MAC computers and allow you to synchronize the files of your choice in real time on your work terminal. No more need to go through the web interface, files are directly accessible on your desktop, depending on user access permissions.

NetSync Windows version

NetSync Mac version

Smartphone & Tablet Applications

The web interface has also been optimized to be accessible both on computers as well as on smartphones and tablets. The mobile display of the web interface is adapted to touch screens, allowing you to access information with a simple click.

Application for iPhone, iPad

Application for Android

Outlook Plugin (Beta)

The Outlook plugin (available in beta version) lets you share or send links to files without having to create sharing links from a Web interface. With this plugin, a hyperlink is inserted in your e-mail that points to the download link. Save time and efficiency when transferring or sharing data.

This tool lets you share large files without being constrained by quotas.

Please note that this tool is not compatible with touch peripherals

Outlook Plugin (Beta)

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