SECURE access to your data

Delegation access permissions in SyselShare can only be done through administrative access to your platform.

In fact, with administrative access, you can manage more in-depth actions than with user access, for example, the creation of user groups, or accessing information about space usage or events logs.


Groups and Users

When managing the platform, you’ll find all information pertaining to existing users and groups, and can create, modify, or delete them. The platform also offers advanced options allowing you to specify information about your user and assign groups, or to manage the schedule and frequency of data synchronization and user sessions.

You can also post access permissions, and personalize a great deal of information pertaining to accounts.

Watch this video for more details about the functions pertaining to these accounts.

Access Permissions and Alerts

When you are connected with administrative access, a participant tab is added to your documents’ properties, and allows you to manage access permissions. You can also easily add and delete users.

One area also lets you add users, who will then receive notifications when access is granted or modified. A “space management” area enables you to limit the size of the directory in terms of total disk space. You can also program automatic file deletion in order to keep an adequate amount of free storage space.

Watch this video to find out more details about administrative access functions.

Spaces, logs, and e-mails

One area summarizes the history of all emails sent from the web interface to e-mail addresses that are external to the platform, with information about them.

An events log summarizes the actions of all users regarding connection and disconnection from the interfaces, as well as the dates and files or documents involved in the users’ activity. A System tab shows you the space used by your data using two graphics.

Watch this video to find out how to display this information