EXCHANGE your files in total security

By creating locations for your correspondents, you can considerably increase your data’s accessibility. SyselShare also allows you, using other functions, to invite external correspondents to have access to your data, and offers posting and annotation systems for more mobility.


Opening and Downloading Data

The first two functions for a document are opening and download. To open a document, simply click on “open”, or double-click on it. To download a document, you can go to the tool bar as explained in the video above, or click “download” in your drop-down menu.

Inviting Participants

This function allows you to invite internal or external participants to access a file. Thus, correspondents can access a selected document without being SyselShare users.

You can choose whether your guests can modify your files, or only read them, depending on the permissions you assign them. You also have the option of setting an expiry date for this access. In this video, you’ll discover how to do this.

Modifying Data

Basic actions concerning the location and saving of documents can be carried out using the drop-down menu. Cut and paste within a different document, copy and paste, re-name, and delete.

Real-Time Annotation System

In the drop-down menu, under ” add an annotation ” or “properties”, a real-time annotation system lets you follow the development of your documents. This action lets you see not only the history of modifications, downloads, posts, etc. but also allows you to add a note to which other users can respond.

you can also ask the interface to notify you when modifications are made to the documents, or to download the modified document directly.

Watch this video for more details on the advantages of this function.