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Today, Swiss SMEs face a large number of constraints in information technology. Problems of quality, cost, resources, or operation tied to internal IT can easily harm the growth and profitability of a company.

Many organizations undervalue questions of security, or don’t ask themselves the right questions with regard to access to their data, flexibility in the workplace, or do not have the adequate IT infrastructure to support their work. We estimate, for example, that:

 Too many companies do not focus on their core business because of the operation of IT structures

 Very few companies have remote access to their data at any time

 More than 40% of development budgets for IT are tied to applications and the integration of their data into IT systems.

 The importance of the IT data storage and backup is a growing concern.

 Organizations do not have any virtualized center and only fulfill physical call centers, which is onerous and constraining.

 Very few companies have a data recovery plan in case of damage to their infrastructure.

Why externalizing your IT?

Benefit from a 100% Swiss outsourcing solution, flexible to your needs, and stay focused on your core business, by delegating the management of your infrastructures to professionals.

This frees you from IT rooms, and places your structures in highly secure spaces, all while streamlining your annual costs and regular expenses you spend on IT parks and software systems.

Enjoy increased security thanks to SSL coding and the option of strong authentication, gain performance thanks to entirely redundant, cutting-edge infrastructures. Your backups are automated in order to avoid any risks of data loss.

Externalizing your IT allows you to control and reduce your costs without any possible budgetary surprise, with simplified and efficient IT solutions.

Performance: access the latest generation IT environment worthy of large corporations

Availability: guaranteed high availability of your IT

Mobility: access your data and your applications from anywhere, at any time, in complete security

Security: benefit from entirely secure IT (ISO27001)

Flexibility: develop your needs on demand, “pay as you use”

Evolution: technological developments accompany your work instead of being a barrier toyour progress

Economy: reduce your infrastructure costs and control your IT related  expenses.

Transparency: eliminate the hidden costs of your IT

Service: enjoy the expertise of your engineers and our SLAs.

Focus: stay concentrated on your core business

Externalization Constraints

Internet: an Internet connection becomes vital for accessing your IT environment. Making your Internet connection redundant is a viable solution.

Control: the user can see externalization as a loss of control over his IT environment, and become scared

Confidence: choosing a good partner with the right solutions and strategic thinking is crucial

Irreversibility: the user can fear of not being able to change his mind after migrating to a Private Cloud

Psychological factors: for certain users, no longer being able to see or touch the infrastructure is perceived as a risk: since the material is no longer physically part of premises of the company.