Rapidly RESTORE your documents

SyselShare data restoration allows you to minimize the effects of human error, and answer technical needs. For each document, you’ll have access to all previous versions and modifications, which are stored with date and time.

All you have to do is download the version you want to recover for quick and easy restoration.


File Overview

You can get an overview of your file from the functions tool bar or from your drop-down menu Your content will be displayed with tools enabling an easy navigation

Watch this video to learn more about the functions offered by this platform

Modify and Lock

The platform allows you to modify a document by double-clicking on it or on clicking “modify” and the modifications to your file will be saved directly on the platform. For questions of security, quality, or confidentiality, you also have the option of manually locking your file.

Note that a file automatically locks when another user is already working on it.

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File Timeline

Just like for your documents, but in a more detailed manner, a real-time annotation system lets you follow the development of your documents via your drop-down menu. See the modification, download, and posting history, and all the actions carried out with regards to the document.

You can also add notes to which other users can respond. You will also see information like your file’s name, size, and version dates, as well as the number of annotations, shares, or downloads of the document.

Watch this video for more details about the versioning system’s functions.


In your platform favorites, you’ll find an area gathering all your downloads and shares. You can modify them directly by clicking on the pencil, or delete them by clicking on the red button.

deposit links can be modified in the same way, with the difference that you’ll find a link key instead of a size key, since this action involves creating a location.

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Recycling Bin

In the shortcut menu, you’ll also find your recycling bin. As its name implies, this bin contains all the documents and files you’ve deleted, stored for 60 days by default. It offers some functions like emptying the recycling bin, deleting an item, and especially restoring an item. When restored, the file will once again be saved in its original location.

Watch this video to find out how to access these locations and functions.