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Technical Assistance Contract (TAC)


Guaranteed availability for your information system infrastructures

Our TAC contract guarantees the management and availability of your infrastructures. With that goal in mind, we assign a minimum of three employees to ensure the maintenance, performance, and updating of your environments, with one key contact person specializing in your infrastructure.

This kind of technical assistance is perfectly suited for companies who wish to retain their own infrastructure, while delegating and optimizing the management of its environments through the guarantee of professional services. From now own, you can benefit from all our skills, and from the regular on-site presence of our specialists for your infrastructures.

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Technical Assistance Service (SAT)

With our SAT contract, we commit to answering all your issues and supplying monthly IT support. Depending on the specified monthly volume for these interventions, you’ll receive advantageous rates as well as unlimited access to all our skills, for both your internal and hosted infrastructures, your IT projects, and user support.

This monthly support is perfect for companies who need flexibility over several IT projects, all while seeking great hourly rates.

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Your IT support at the best price

Service Pack (SPK)


Prepaid Timesheets

Our SPK initiative permanently ensures that your IT park runs optimally at all times. To that end, our prepaid intervention timesheets cover all unforeseen circumstances, as well as operations planned in the long term, like changing a printer or installing a new workplace, for example.

This kind of contract is ideal for clients who wish to have specialists on demand who can take care of unplanned or unforeseen operations.

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