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Our civilization has produced more data during the past thirty years than in the five thousand years preceding them. For companies, this simple fact illustrates the growing importance of the question of storage and backup for their electronic data. Such data constitutes the memory, the know-how, and the value of a company. It is therefore crucial, above all else, to have a trustworthy, effective, and powerful backup system.

SyselBackup offers a complete and totally secure backup solution for your systems and your data, based on the latest storage and virtualization technologies of Cloud Computing. This solution is outsourced and hosted in our two DataCenters in Switzerland, doesn’t require the purchase of any other equipment, and frees you from any additional hands-on work.


A choice of backup volumes, as well as backup frequencies and the duration of data retention.

“Disc to disc” backup copying the data in incremental blocks (block level backup).

The possibility to synchronize several servers towards a single backup location

A light but effective use of your bandwidth.

Default backups of 2 x 5 data retention days, with 24 months of history.




Your data is the heart of your business, so it is crucial to be able to protect it. When you entrust us with your data, it is stored in disks within dedicated environments that are fully secured and totally isolated from our other clients. All your data is also encrypted during the transfer, and only the modified blocks are transmitted for the backups, not the entire files.


Your backups are executed “disc to disc” through incremental copies of blocks of data (block level backup), granting you a very high level of security. Plus, for optimal backup security, we offer the duplication of your backups on our second DataCenter.

Increase your backup VOLUMES

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the volumes to be backed up, the frequency of backups, and the duration of data retention. Our engineers are charged with executing the solution, and its operation, while you retain operational access to your backup system. You can then increase your backup volumes without any constraints.

Synchronize SEVERAL SERVERS to a single location

In order to facilitate the management of your backups, you have the option of synchronizing several servers towards a single backup location (server to server or multi-server to single-server).

Optimize YOUR DATA restoration

By default, the backups offer 2 x 5 days of data retention, as well as a 24 month historical view (monthly views of all data). To offer you more flexibility, you also have the option of restoring a complete volume or a file from SyselBackup’s backups yourself.

Want to try the SyselBackup solution for yourself? Enjoy access to an intuitive and high-performance demonstration platform to manage your backups.


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