Your business continuity plan,

in case of major accidents.


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SyselCloud®’s business continuity plan is a restoration plan in the event of a disaster. Such accidents can take many forms.

While natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes are relatively rare, the more common cause of work disruption or IT system failure can strike at any time: fires, power outages, computer viruses, material shortages, malicious acts, including sabotage by dissatisfied employees, etc.


Establishing a restoration plan that guarantees continuity in cases of physical accidents that damage your infrastructures.

An emergency plan that is completely adapted to your organization

A system that minimizes the impact of losses while guaranteeing effective and ultra-professional quality of service.

Virtualization of servers and infrastructures for a maximum delay of 24 hours before activities resume

Availability of rooms and workstations for employees tasked with resuming business.




Re-establish YOUR SERVICES in less than 24 hours

By virtualizing your servers and infrastructures, we reduce the lapse in unavailability to “Next Business Day”, meaning a maximum delay of 24 hours from the halt of services.

Your servers can be restored and restarted on our infrastructures, rapidly re-establishing critical services from their backups, like ERP, CRM, messaging, extranet, etc.


We help you organize an emergency plan that works well and follows your company’s developments. Every aspect of the recovery plan are integrated in these developments, including the choice of temporary workstations for employees.

Real-scale tests allow us to certify your business continuity plan’s effectiveness.

Minimize the impact OF LOSSES tied to your IT systems

By preparing and training with the emergency plan you’ve designed with us, you will be able to resume your operations within a very short time period after any potential accident, therefore minimizing losses.

Plus, you won’t have to wait for the purchase, delivery, installation, and configuration of new equipment.

Space availability for YOUR EMPLOYEES

The technical piece of the recovery and relaunch of IT services is not what only matters; that is why SyselContinuity also includes the availability of rooms and workstations for employees in charge of resuming your company’s activities.

Plan for IT SYSTEM redundancy

Today, it is rare for companies to be able to double their IT systems, or make them redundant.

That is why we offer you this possibility, so that in cases of power failure or destruction of a server, your IT systems can be re-established as soon as possible.


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