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Today, far too many businesses do not focus on their core business. The operation of information structures is a source of problems that companies have to deal with on a daily basis. Is this really adding value? Clearly, the answer is no, but nevertheless IT is something essential. Entrust this work to professionals and budget your IT expenses.

SyselDesk offers managed and directly usable solutions for businesses. SyselDesk combines a workstation, data, and access to applications in a single solution. Users access their workstations from wherever they happen to be, using the device most appropriate to their situation (tablets, PCs, etc.)


Deployment of new virtual workstations in just a few minutes

Enhanced mobility: access your data from anywhere in the world

Access your workstation from any terminal environments (tablets, smartphones…)

Encrypted and secured connection to your virtual workstation, with the option of strong authentication via Token

An increase in the volume of storable data without additional fixed costs



Work SECURELY from anywhere

Benefit from encrypted and secured access to your virtual workstation, with the option of strong authentication via Token. Automatic encryption also secures all your data during transfers.

You’ll also benefit from the guarantee that your data is stored and managed only in Switzerland.

FLEXIBILITY for your infrastructures

Deploy new virtual workstations in just a few minutes, and increase easily the volume of storable data at no additional fixed costs.

Plus, enjoy continuously updated software with access to the most recent versions. We put everything in place so that you can develop at your own pace, without worrying about constraints tied to infrastructure servers.

Take your OFFICE anywhere

With our solution, your data and applications are accessible anywhere, at any time.

Plus, you’ll have the option of accessing your workstation from any terminal environment (tablets, smartphones, PCs, thin clients, etc) for even more mobility.

Master Your IT costs

Managing your IT costs is a sensitive part of running your business. We found the solution: pay only for what you really use. Our model is simple and transparent, relying on monthly fees for each user, with the option of access to the entire MS-Office suite.

We offer better budget management. With SyselCloud, there are not hidden costs.

Limit Your Internal IT Knowledge Requirements

We offer simplified control and management of your company’s users so that you can focus on your business.

Implementing this solution is quick and easy. There are no infrastructure costs, and no internal knowledge required.

MANAGING your data

Using SyselDesk, you have access to personalized data spaces. If you have a SyselShare contract, you also have access to your SyselShare files through Windows explorer.

If that is not the case, you’ll find the same tree structures as in your local extension.

Watch this video to find explanations presented directly in a virtual workstation.

SyselShare CONNECTION in SyselDesk

If you’ve opted for the SyselShare solution, this video will show you how to easily access your SyselShare platform in your SyselDesk.

This allows you to access the same files you have on your computer as through SyselShare, but using a remote desktop. You will find explanations presented directly in a virtual workstation environment to connect your network drive.

Want to try the SyselDesk solution for yourself? Go ahead and enjoy access to an intuitive and high-performing demonstration platform to connect to your workstation at any time.


You can find below the download links to consult our product documentation.


  desk use it with

backup  “Automatic saving of all your data”

apps “Hosting work applications”

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Want to test our SyselDesk solution yourself? Stop hesitating and enjoy access to an intuitive and high-performing demonstration platform for storing and sharing data.

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