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In an IT infrastructure, data storage is one of the most onerous and often the most difficult task to supply and budget for effectively. Considering the growing trend of preserving more and more data, companies must often structure and look for tangible, secure, and powerful solutions for storing and archiving their data.

SyselDrive offers a storage outsourcing data solution that is custom-designed, flexible, and attractively priced.



Manage your storage SPACE

In order to grant you the greatest possible autonomy, you can manage your storage space usage yourself.

We offer you an environment that is managed very easily by an administrator within your company

Structure your storage SPACE

You have the option of structuring your storage space according to your company’s needs.

Use market solutions to synchronize, share, or save your data as you wish (Goodsync, Aasync, BackupChain, etc.)

Reach your compliance CRITERIA and store your data

Depending on the nature of your business, you’ll have to comply with very strict rules regarding data storage.

We help you reach those compliance requirements by storing your data over-time (periods of 24 months, 36 months, 10 years, etc.)

Increase YOUR STORAGE VOLUME with no constraints

Your company is continuously evolving. That is why we let you increase your storage volume with no constraints.

In fact, our solution is offered in the form of a monthly subscription based on your storage volume, with no additional fees.

Access YOUR DATA from anywhere

With our solution, your data is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Plus, you can access all of your data from any terminal environment (tablet, smartphone, PC, thin clients, etc.) for even more mobility.


You can find below the download links to consult our product documentation.


  drive , use it with

backup “Automatic saving of all your data”

continuity Business continuity plan”

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