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Digital data grows larger and larger but is often inadequately protected. By our estimates, one out of every four companies does not correctly protect its data, and one out of every two companies lacks an efficient and secure data sharing structure. Employees share their professional data using intermediary applications like “Dropbox,” which are totally outside of the company’s control.

SyselShare is a solution that is hosted entirely in Switzerland and can be administrated by your company, allowing you to offer functionalities to your users as well as to third parties with whom you seek to continuously share data. Keep full control of your data management, and a global view of access to it.


Controlled and secured data sharing for all of a company’s users

 Automatic encryption of your data during transfers

 Complete management of users’ hierarchical rights in order to secure access to your data

 Accrued mobility: access your data from anywhere in the world

 Quick and easy data restoration thanks to version management

Unlimited Data SHARING

Our platform’s sharing links allow you to send high-volume e-mail attachments in just a few clicks.

All you share is a download link, freeing you from size constraints when sending documents. Plus, our Outlook plugin is at your disposal for even quicker sharing.

Detailed functionalities

EXCHANGE your files in total security

Creating a deposit link allows you to create a space where selected people can come to drop off data.

To do this, you create a link to be transmitted to your internal or external correspondent, who can then come drop off all data directly in the location you created.

Detailed functionalities

SECURE access to your data

With administrative access to your platform, you can create user groups to manage permissions quickly and easily.

In fact, once your groups are created, all you have to do is grant permissions to the files to the desired groups.

Detailed functionalities

ACCESS your data easily

In cases where you are not connected to any network, and therefore not connected to the Internet, you can still access your files thanks to a tool that allows local reproduction of the tree structures on your platform.

To do this, a synchronization tool named NetSync can be installed on your computer as a repertory that allows for the synchronization of all your folders and files.

The second option for the reproduction of the tree structures on your platform is called: WebDav. This is a reader that points towards your platform’s data and therefore requires an Internet connection.

Watch this video to discover the different ways of accessing your SyselShare data in order to best meet to your organization’s needs.

Rapidly RESTORE your documents

We have integrated a versioning function into our platform in order to minimize human error or technical needs. For each document, you’ll have access to all previous versions and modifications, which are stored with date and time.

All you have to do is download the version you want to recover for quick and easy restoration.

Detailed functionalities


You can find below the download links to consult our product documentation.


 share , use it with

desk  “Your virtual workstation”

backup “Automatic saving of all your data”

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