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A company’s IT structure evolves according to the company’s needs. The management and foresight needed for these developments require important analyses and thought processes in order to come to the best decisions. A flexible and responsive solution is an on-demand infrastructure that allows outsourcing all or part of your IT infrastructure.

SyselVPC (Virtual Private Cloud) offers tailored and “a la carte” solutions that respond to your short-, mid-, or long-term needs for an on-demand infrastructure.


A monthly subscription based on the configurations of your virtual machines (CPU, RAM, storage GB, etc.)

A virtual machine network of your choice, depending on your needs and technical configurations

The installation of the desired applications and increased performance of your configuration when you want it

Access to the virtual machines from any environment thanks to the published management interface (tablets, mobile phones, PCs, etc.)

Guaranteed business continuity: no more risk tied to power failures, theft, or destruction of your physical server.



Manage YOUR OWN Cloud

A solution that can be implemented quickly and easily, allowing you to manage your own Cloud: that is what we wish to offer in order to make you stay focused on your business. Plus, you can eliminate local infrastructure and support service costs.

Design YOUR OWN virtual machine network

Choose and design your own network of virtual machines, depending on your needs and technical configurations.

You also have the option of choosing the CPU, RAM, and GB storage values, “a la carte”.

Access YOUR VIRTUAL MACHINES at any time

With our solution, your virtual machines are accessible at anytime from anywhere. Plus, you have the option of accessing your virtual machines from any terminal environment (tablet, smartphone, PCs, light clients, etc.) for even more mobility.

Eliminate risks tied to power failures of YOUR SERVERS

We guarantee business continuity since there is no longer any risk of power failure, theft, or destruction of your physical server.

We also bring you the guarantee that your virtual machines and your data are stored and managed exclusively in Switzerland.

Install the applications YOU WANT

In order to grant you complete autonomy in your Virtual Private Cloud, you have the option of installing the applications you want, and to increase your configuration’s performance whenever you wish.


Watch this video and discover how to reach your VPC console and your VPC Virtual Private Cloud welcome interface, which allows you to manage your virtual machines. Familiarize yourself with the elements, menus, and machines on your platform.

MANAGE the virtual machines

SyselVPC offers you functionalities for your platform’s machines (or VMs) with information and posts that help you use them. You can therefore manage the machine and its details, thanks to a control panel that presents detailed information using graphics. Keep an eye on your used and available resources, as well as on your operating system and its configurations.

Watch this video and learn how to easily manage your virtual machines.


SyselVPC allows you to use your virtual machines through a number of functionalities: connections, configurations, restarts, stops. In this video, you will discover explanations presented directly from a demonstration console, to familiarize yourself with the management platform.


In order to modify your machine’s resources, you’ll have to stop the machine. Once the machine is stopped, you can modify the CPU and RAM, as well as the storage configurations that you assign to your machines. These configurations can be personalized according to your available resources, which are laid out in the control panel.

Watch this video and discover how to expand your disk space, manage these spaces, and add DVDs, discs, and network cards to your VM.

Want to test out our SyselVPC solution for yourself? Enjoy access to an intuitive and high-performing demonstration platform to manage your own Cloud.


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Want to test our SyselVPC solution yourself? Stop hesitating and enjoy access to an intuitive and high-performing demonstration platform for storing and sharing data.

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